Covid-19 Player, Coach and Parent Guidelines

To All Parents, Players and Coaches:

Besides the recommendation of following the CDC’s guidelines for personal hygiene and what to do if you are sick ( ), the following additional protocols shall be employed by everyone involved in the Muskego Athletic Association Recreational TBall, Baseball and Softball programs to help mitigate the  risks of spreading the coronavirus (COVID-19) throughout the 2020 season:

Player and Coach Conditions

  • If any player or coach is sick with a fever or not feeling well, that individual is required to refrain from Club activities. Additional symptoms to watch for and avoid contact with others (cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, chills, headache, & sore throat).  Use common sense if you are not feeling well please don’t come to the games!
  • Coaches should stress the need for parents to check for symptoms. Coaches are watching the game, they can’t and should not be expected to monitor the players’ health.

Social Distancing

  • Establish social distancing during the entire practice and games. Try to keep players and coaches 4-6 feet apart when possible.
  • Try to maintain less than 5-6 players in a dugout at all times. If you can utilize free space not in a dugout for player equipment etc. do so.
  • Coaches should keep a record of players/coaches that attend practices and games.
  • Spectators are encouraged to bring a lawn chair and spread out for social distancing reasons.
  • If a family chooses to sit immediately adjacent to another family, we recommend the use of a cloth face mask, but it is not required.


  • Players & coaches should sanitize their hands regularly.
  • Every player and coach will be responsible for bringing and utilizing hand sanitizer before any practice or game and reapplying sanitizer when necessary.
  • Each player (except for TBall) is highly encouraged to provide their own batting helmet.
  • Regarding the community catcher’s equipment, each team has been provided an additional catcher’s mask and encouraged to limit number of catchers per game to 2.  If not possible, the mask should be sanitized.
  • Due to the safety risks of playing baseball or softball with a cloth face mask, no player or coach will be allowed to wear a cloth face mask when on the field. When on the bench / in the dugout, players and coaches may wear cloth face masks if they choose to do so, but this will not be required. Coaches & Parents are encouraged to discuss with their player(s) the concept of “social distancing” and employ the level of social distancing already mentioned.
  • Players should clearly mark their personal equipment such as hats, bats, fielding masks, gloves, etc. so as not to cross contaminate with other players.
  • Parents should disinfect all personal equipment (bats, helmets, tees, etc...) before/after practice and games.
  • Coaches should disinfect all team equipment (bats, helmets, tees, etc...) before/after practice and games

Additional Procedures

  • No huddles or "high fives".
  • No sharing of food, gum, candy, etc.
  • Sorry...No seeds will be allowed at any time during the games or practices at this time. Gum will be allowed, however the individual chewing the gum must dispose of it properly in a trash can after use.
  • No team snacks or drinks shall be provided / shared at this time.
  • No sharing beverages of any kind. Players must provide their own, and please label containers.
  • No spitting of any kind!

Please note that the MAA, federal and state guidelines may not be your personal guidelines.  Parents need to make choices and educate their children on how they would like them to socially participate and stay safe.  Again, parents have some responsibility here on what you feel is appropriate.  Although Tball/Baseball/Softball are not considered contact does happen.

Stay safe and make good choices!