Intermediate Girl's Softball Program Info

Sponsored by:

League Chairman Chris Szolyga

Games played on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Intermediate Girl’s Softball is for players 9 to 12 years old. The league introduces new rules including; the number of players on the field is reduced from 10 to 9, limited base stealing is permitted and live pitching. Managers draft players based upon ratings and their individual team needs. No player will sit more than one consecutive inning and no player will sit out twice before all players have sat once.  Coaches focus on developing individual and team skills to field a competitive team and prepare them for the Sr. Softball League. Game scores and standings are recorded. If you have additional questions about Intermediate Girls Softball, please contact the league chairman.

Skill Goals:

  • Continued focus on good sportsmanship and team play!
  • Batting skills development including bunting, and reading signals from Manager/Coach.
  • Increased development of catchers (pass balls, making the throw from home to second, good throws back to pitcher on the mound and when pitcher is covering home plate) as importance of position increases at this level.
  • Pitching emphasis on good mechanics, and development of windmill pitching.
  • Develop base running skills for situational play.
  • Fielding emphasis on getting behind the ball and setting up the throw, getting ball to the correct position for the out or to keep the runners from advancing.
  • Arm strengthening through practice (long toss).

For rainout information check out our Facebook page or your email for a message from TeamSnap.  We will send notifications via Facebook and Teamsnap as soon as we know.  

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