Senior Boy's Baseball Program Info

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League Chairman Andrew

MAA Senior Baseball League champions 2023
MAA Senior Baseball League champions 2023

Games played on Sundays and Thursdays . This league is a highly competitive continuation of the Intermediate Baseball league. High School rules are introduced. The league is played on a full size diamond with bases at 90 feet and pitcher’s mound 60 at feet. One Manager is selected per team and they draft players based upon friendships and their individual team needs. No player will sit more than one consecutive inning. Continuous batting order for all team members insures all participation. Managers focus on developing individual and team skills to field a competitive team. Some games outside of community will be scheduled. Game scores and standings are recorded. If you have additional questions about Senior Boys Baseball, please contact the league chairman.

Skill Goals:

  • Continued focus on good sportsmanship and team play!
  • Competitive and fun for players at all levels whether you played High School baseball or not.
  • Playing with High school rules with the exception of lineup flexibility and continuous batting order so all players play an active role in the game.
  • Possibility of playing outside the community and develop social interaction with other schools.
  • League play with standings and end of year tournament for trophies.
  • All-Star game at conclusion of the season.

For rainout information check out our Facebook page or your email for a message from TeamSnap.  We will send notifications via Facebook and Teamsnap as soon as we know.  

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