Junior Girl's Coach Pitch Softball Program Info

Sponsored by “Thanks, Harry!”

League Chairman Brian Morrow

Games played on Mondays and Wednesdays.  This league is developmental and is composed of children ages 6 - 8 years old.  Balanced teams are formed based on players age Game scores and individual team standings are not recorded. Children hit coach pitched softballs, to provide the greatest consistency possible. League rules are in-place to ensure player rotation in a variety of positions. Ten players are assigned to field positions each inning, and all roster players bat whether assigned to a field position or not. If you have additional questions about Junior Girls Coach Pitch Softball please contact the league chairman.

Skill Goals:

  • Learn the fundamentals of batting with emphasis on proper stance, grip and swing.
  • Learn the fundamentals of how to hold, aim and throw a ball.
  • Learn the fundamentals of fielding ground balls with emphasis on proper stance, glove and hand position.
  • Learn the fundamentals of catching fly balls with emphasis on moving to the ball location and proper glove and hand position.
  • Learn the fundamentals of base running.
  • Learn basic softball rules and strategy and how to apply these in offensive and defensive situations

For rainout information check out our Facebook page or your email for a message from TeamSnap.  We will send notifications via Facebook and Teamsnap as soon as we know.  

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