Regular registration for the 2021 season will be open January 2 through February 14th.  Late registration starts February 15 until May 15.  $20 per player late fee applies after February 14 ($10 for TBall)

MAA Recreational Baseball and Softball 2021

$75-$150 per player based on age/league
  • Two Games Per Week (1 game per week for TBall)
  • Season is mid May - Early July
  • Have Fun

Fee Information

Fees and changes for 2020 will continue for 2021

As many if not all of our MAA families are aware, 2019 was a financially challenging year for the MAA due to unforeseen costs associated with increased field prep fees from the city that more than doubled what we had been paying in the past from $70 to $165 per field prep on city fields.  Please note we do not receive any financial support from the city for our program.  To reduce the impact, we moved games away from Bluhm Park because of high field prep costs and the inability to play double headers.  We also made efficient use of the city fields we did use by scheduling 2 games per field per night.

Prior to 2019, we knew that our fees would need to be adjusted due to increased costs and then the added field prep costs only made the problem worse.  We feared we might have to raise our fees by as much as $75-$100 per player.

The MAA board has reviewed our cost and league structure and come up with the following multi-faceted plan to adjust the league structure and fee structure for 2020.

League Realignments: The age groups for many leagues are being adjusted and we are lowering the starting age for T-Ball from 5 years to 4.  In addition, the T-Ball league will change to playing 1 game per week (weeknight game day to be determined).  See the Program Information page for specific league ages,

All ages are based on the players age as of September 1st of the current year.

Fees Realignments: Historically the MAA has tried to keep its fees as low as possible and as simple as possible by charging the same low fees for all leagues.  Going forward we will be adjusting the fees to account for the increased costs associated with older age groups (Umpires, Equipment, Lights, etc.) and the lower costs associated with the younger leagues (fewer games for TBall, no umpires in the younger leagues, lower equipment costs etc.)

Fee Structure
Leagues 2019 Current
Tball $110 $75
Jr Softball and PeeWee $110 $125
All Other Leagues $110 $150


Increased fees are never welcomed but based on where we thought we could be and with the league realignments and efficient use of the fields, we believe this is the best plan moving forward.  If in the future the city adjusts the field prep fees to a more reasonable rate we will reevaluate the fees and adjust accordingly.  Thank you for your understanding and continued support of the MAA.




For rainout information check out our Facebook page or your email for a message from Teamsnap.  We will send notifications via Facebook and Teamsnap as soon as we know.  Please DO NOT call the MAA hotline or email us asking about game cancellations.   For EMERGENCIES NOT RELATED TO GAME CANCELLATIONS call the MAA hotline at 262-682-0886.

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