Board of Directors


Ed Horwath
November 2003
Duties: Web, Registration, Sr Softball

Vice President

Art Benotti
October 1982


Tori Morrow
October 2020


Jen Mortonson
September 2014

Board Member

Kurt Barry
February 1988
Duties: Scholarship, Equipment, Trophies

Board Member

Brian Morrow
July 2013
Duties: Junior Softball, Storm Select Softball

Board Member

Mike Oleniczak
February 2010
Duties: Intermediate Baseball, Rules

Board Member

Rich Gray
March 2016
Duties: Junior Baseball

Board Member

David Brandstatter
September 2018
Duties: PeeWee Baseball

Board Member

Jim Becker
September 2011
Duties: Flag Football, Select Baseball

Board Member

Tim Hapeman
March 2016
Duties: Youth Baseball

Board Member

Kevin Zimmermann
October 2021
Duties: TBD

Board Member

Mike Schepp
October 2012
Duties: Senior Baseball


Board Member

Rachel Horwath
February 2017
Duties: Intermediate Softball

The Muskego Athletic Association is looking for additional board members. Please contact any of the above board members for more information on becoming a member of the MAA board. You can click on the names of any of the board members below to send them an email.


For rainout information check out our Facebook page or your email for a message from Teamsnap.  We will send notifications via Facebook and Teamsnap as soon as we know.  Please DO NOT call the MAA hotline or email us asking about game cancellations.   For EMERGENCIES NOT RELATED TO GAME CANCELLATIONS call the MAA hotline at 262-682-0886.

Muskego Athletic Association
PO Box 102
Muskego, WI 53150

(t) 262-682-0886